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We are the solution to your fluctuating needs for specialised aeronautics personnel

We recruit and mobilize competent qualified employees for you, for your short or long-term needs. We aspire to create durable and mutually trustworthy relationships with our clients and our employees.

20+ years in business

Active in 23 countries

320+ missions completed

Our Team

Our friendly and devoted staff is always available to help.

We work hand in hand and offer the best of ourselves for our clients.

We are there to hear your needs, remain flexible and always available.

Do not hesitate to contact us, one of our expert project manager will be assigned to you and become your ally.


In business since 1996 managing human capital, we have become a pivotal resource for the fluctuating cycles of the aeronautics industry. We are a flexible extension of our clients, offering tailor-made, expert aeronautics resources, to assist and support companies. Regardless of your level of development, we are your quick and reliable affiliate to assist with your temporary or permanent personnel needs. For maintenance, productions, supply management, engineering, etc., we are the solution!

Operations Outsourcing

Full or partial management of functions in your company.

On-site Technical Assistance

Outsourcing of technical experts to compensate for fluctuating operational needs. Contractual or permanent staff.


Organization, reservation and coordination for travel and deployment of resources towards different sites in Canada and internationally.
Assistance in the formal preparations in every country (visa).

Hiring, Pre-selection, Resource And Payroll Management

Complete and partial recruitment services; pre-selection; psychometric analysis; payroll and expense account management, etc.

We also offer consultation services for solutions in resource sharing. To find out more, see

JMJ is looking towards new horizons to diversify.

We are Evolving and opening our doors to new markets. We are ready to share our expertise with markets which are also in Evolution. Contact us.


Thank you to all of our clients who have demonstrated their trust in us.

“As part of our commitment to offer the world best products and services, through a dynamic continuous progress, we are happy to rely on highly qualified Quebec resources, engaged to apply the Quality Management Program. They will certainly contribute to confirming our position and become an essential player in the nacelles world.”

Serge Rière, Director of Establishment and Operations of the nacelles production unit, Aircelle in Toulouse.

“I want to emphasize on the great work experience and collaboration I had with JMJ since 2012. During this collaboration, the staff was courteous, very professional and were always capable of meeting the needs of Avior. I enjoyed working with JMJ. Thank you”

Chantal Landry, CRIA Conseillère en ressources humaines et relations de travail

“As soon as I arrived in Russia, I immediately noticed and appreciated the professionalism of the JMJ team on site. It is not only their warm welcome and their support that helped a lot in dealing with the cultural differences and the language barriers. I also admired their level of organisation and of management that is almost military discipline throughout the entire team. They are all focused on specific objectives, they know exactly what needs to be done noting that the programme is complex and can change significantly based on the demands of our clients. A reality of our industry is that it requires a great deal of flexibility. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much JMJ adapts as the situation requires while remaining on top of things. Being a program manager based in the headquarter in France. I need to have confidence on the resources that work in remote sites. The technical competencies of the “JMJ”, coupled with their engagement towards the security regulations that are highly critical in our field, gives me great confidence on the team there.”

Alexandre Violas,  Chef de programme Nacelle SSJ100, Aircelle

Job Offers


JMJ Aerospace adheres to the principles of employment equity. Our priority regarding expert resources is clear: offer companies the absolute best talent for their respective fields of expertise.

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